Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jack has trouble with Sentinel

Life is back to normal with lots of walks and cuddles after a fright last week. Jack used to get an annual Heartworm injection but I have been told that it is absolutely essential with Lymphoma that a dog never be vaccinated again. So last month, I gave him a Sentinel tablet which I ground up because he kept spitting it out. This month I managed to pop a whole one in his mouth and scratch his neck till he swallowed it. The next morning I woke up to find something I hadn't seen for more than 4 months - horrible diarrhea all over my home. Ugghhh ... my heart dropped and I stayed home from work I was so worried. BUT the good news is that it was just a reaction, and I guess it was a big realisation for me that I can't afford to worry at everything and to just enjoy the moment with my Jack.

My brother had to put his 12 year old Border Collie to sleep this week and his family is so sad about it. So I just want to enjoy Jack, who is enjoying his walks and playing with other dogs. He was even wanting to go walking yesterday when Sydney was bombarded by a horrible dust storm.

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