Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4 Months On

I have been very slack in updating - but spending the last almost 4 months since Jack finished his Chemo really enjoying every moment of our time together. Jack remains in remission and will have his next check up in around 4 weeks, with his Oncologist. He has put on a lot of weight, and at one stage, I thought I would have to put him on a diet! HAPPY DAYS!!!

Jack's coat has grown back and when I look at the photo from when he finished treatment he looks like a different dog - his coat has grown back darker and one of my neighbours described his coat as "lustrous"!! I will take some new photos of him this weekend and post.

Since Jack finished Chemo, he has been on Mushroom Extract, and I have kept his diet as it was during his treatment - i.e. I cook for him. BUT he has been able to have bones again, which makes him very very happy.

He had a holiday recently with me, and it was great to see him running along the beach and behaving like a dog with the 2 labradors who came along.

His weight is back to where it was before diagnosis (maybe a bit more!) and he is a very happy and content little Schnauzer.


  1. Hi there~
    I am so excited that you found my blog because now I am going to read every word of yours! You and Jack are a lot further along that we are so I know reading your blog will be helpful to us. I am so happy to read that he is still in remission after four months. That is wonderful! I am wishing you and Jack the very, very best. Take care,

  2. Thanks Laura - fingers crossed for you!!! I am sorry for slow response - this is my first go at blogging so not very good! I feel very lucky that Jack has been so well - we will fight this horrible disease!