Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hoping for treatment

Jack sees his new Specialist tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed that his White Blood Cell count will have recovered enough for the treatment. I really would love for his chemo protocol to be finished in time for Easter.

I have booked a beach house right on the sand at Blueys Beach, about 4 hours north of Sydney and I really feel like I will need to get away by then. I have deliberately spent as much time with Jack as possible and because he gets nervous now if I take him to other people's homes, life has been fairly quiet. He was always a dog that could go anywhere, be comfortable with anyone, but now he gets anxious when away from home for too long.

He was eating well on the weekend and was chasing a 8 month old Scottie pup around the hills and rocks at Dover Heights on Saturday afternoon. You would never have known he was sick by the way he was moving!

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