Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another week

Took Jack to the Vet earlier than needed for his Blood Check this week - he was off his food, looked "sad" and was just flat. The results came through that his blood count was low - have decided to keep him back from his dog walking this week. He will be miserable when I get home as today will be his first day all alone, ever in his life! He has always had someone with him during the day, so I am expecting a ballistic welcome home. I came home from work early yesterday to take him to the Vet, and then he slept pretty well all afternoon/night.

I have tried crushed red kidney beans which had been suggested in How to Help Your Dog Fight Cancer but it doesn't appear to make much difference with him. The Oncologist told me that it seems Schnauzers drop more than other dogs and take longer to recover.

Gave him a lovely weekend to make up for him feeling flat - we went to a dog beach on Saturday, was a beautiful day here in Sydney - really sunny and warm and he had a great time. Of course this was before the advice that he not mix with other dogs at the moment .... OOPS! I took some great photos, which I will upload.


  1. Poor little chap - we're sending love & support from the UK....

    G, P & T xxx

  2. I'm in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. Very cold. My 8 year old yellow
    lab was just diagnosed with lymphoma. She has just started chemo.
    Very scary. I'll say a prayer for Jack tonight. Thanks for taking the time
    to write his story - its helpful to hear from others going through the
    same horrible thing. Good luck.

    PJ & Cass

  3. Another thing that's supposed to help with low blood count is cottage cheese and flax seed oil - it's part of some famous human cancer diet, developed by Johanna Budwig. If your dog can eat cottage cheese without gastric upsets, it might be worth a try. I used it on Herbie, and we never had a problem with cell counts.